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Wynne Kan

"Krysten has a great time in Superstart. She builds up confidence at Superstart and learn about wide range of subjects from ABC, counting, ature, songs, manners.....too many to name"

Daisy Bautista

"Superb service. The teachers are very caring and patient. The facilities and environment are clean and well looked after. Flexible hours. I am also very impressed with the getting ready for school program. It's a fun, caring, safe and excellent learning facility for young children. Thank you very much for an excellent service"

Julianne Gemmell

"Our kids Kayne (6yo) and Eva (2.5yo) have been with Superstart for 3 years. Teachers are doing such a great job in educating and looking after the kids as me and my husband go to our respective jobs. It gives me a big relief as we hand our children to Superstart as we feel that kids are at safe hands of the teachers and staff. Teachers are very friendly as they create awesome charisma with kids and have good relationship with parents. They keep continuing to stimulate and nurture kid's knowledge and wellbeing" "Overall Superstart has saved our busy life, as we both working full time. 30 hours free scheme was really helpful and give us flexibility in hours"